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[SUMM22] A Dive into Latin American History, Cultures, and Spanish Language is a Course

[SUMM22] A Dive into Latin American History, Cultures, and Spanish Language

May 2, 2022 - Aug 31, 2022

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Full course description

Workshop Information

(10 PDPs)

Dates: August 16th, 17th, and 18th, 2022

Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm (ET)

Location: Online via Zoom

Workshop Description:

In Dual Language and all schools, teachers know that they should incorporate culture, history and language authentically in order to create a culturally sustaining classroom that promotes the success of all their students. While all teachers should equally share the responsibility of fostering biculturalism and critical consciousness in their students, knowing what to teach and how can be difficult when the culture or language is not one’s own. This may be why many educators focus on more surface level aspects of culture.

To ensure that any teacher, regardless of personal background or language of instruction, can have the knowledge necessary to create more critically conscious, culturally sustaining classrooms, this workshop will provide a general overview of Latin American history, the language history of Spanish, and contrastive analysis of key concepts of English and Spanish grammar. This content will be connected to different academic standards, giving participants tangible examples to use in their everyday practice. Participants will have a choice of creating a lesson plan or conducting a short research project that delves deeper into one of the topics.

Learning Objectives:

After participating in this workshop series, educators will be able to:

  • Identify the benefits of Translanguaging and Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies on bilingual and emergent bilingual students’ attitudes towards school and academic performance.
  • Draw parallels between US history and Latin American History
  • Articulate some similarities and differences between Caribbean, Central American and South American cultures so as to better understand bilingual learners and their diverse communities
  • Explain the evolution of and influences on the Spanish language and its relationship to the formation of bilingual programs in the United States
  • Compare and teach the differences of key grammatical concepts in English and Spanish through lessons that include translanguaging pedagogies
  • Incorporate this deeper understanding of Latin American history, culture and language into standards based, culturally sustaining lessons

Certification of Completion:

Please note that participants will not receive academic credit nor a transcript documenting their participation in this workshop series. However, all participants will be awarded a certificate of completion and 10 PDP's. 

Fees & Policies:

Registration closes August 16th at 10am. Refunds will only be granted up until the start of the first workshop at 10am on August 16th. No refunds will be granted for registration or technical errors on the participant's part (such as incorrect name/email, login failure, etc.).

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