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Lived Depth in Clinical Process: Exploring Dimensionality in Psychoanalysis is a Course

Lived Depth in Clinical Process: Exploring Dimensionality in Psychoanalysis

Starts Feb 6, 2021

$100 Enroll

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Saturday, February 6th from 10am - 1pm (EST)-- Fully Online Workshop

CEs for LMHC, APA, and LI/LCSW will be submitted for review to respective credentialing bodies.

Discounts available for current Boston College students, faculty, and staff, email for more information. 

Psychoanalysis has used the metaphor of depth from the very beginning. Freud (1913) noted that one cannot “deny the concept of a psychical dimension of depth…without denying the standpoint of psycho-analysis” (p. 275). Rather than using depth as a “vertical” metaphor referring to the hidden, remote or regressed, I use depth as a “horizonal” metaphor referring to the dimensionality of experience, to the ways in which all experience is structured in a figure-ground relationship. 

Dimensionality, first introduced by Meltzer and Bick, takes on new meaning when seen as depth, offering an embodied and lived experience of thirdness, where psychopathology is to be understood as various “disorders of thirdness” in the clinical setting and in our socio-political world. 

Using clinical examples, I will suggest that psychoanalytic process is a field phenomenon, that rather than treat the patient, our attention is best focused on an expanding depth-of-field. The experience of depth presupposes our carnal subjectivity, the dimension of lived embodiment in space and time, where intersubjective experience is found in our fundamental intercorporeality. We will explore “thick description” of psychoanalytic process as a means of elucidating lived depth and its flattening in the clinical hour.  

Learning Outcomes:

At the conclusion of this presentation the participant will be able to:

  1. Compare one, two and three-dimensionality as modes of being in psychoanalytic / psychodynamic processes
  2. Describe how considerations of dimensionality change the nature of psychoanalytic technique
  3. Apply the concept, “disorders of thirdness” to understanding constriction in clinical process and socio-political discourse

Timeline and Requirements:

The course will take place on February 6th, 2021.  This workshop is instructor-led and is a fully online experience. This will be conducted synchronously online via (Zoom) from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm (EST).

CE Sponsorship: 

Application for CEs is being submitted for LMHC, APA, and LI/LCSW. We will update this section as soon as we hear back from the credentialing bodies.

Participants must attend the lecture in full and complete the post event survey to be eligible to receive CEs.

This lecture does not offer CEs for other clinicians not listed above. 

Fees & Policies:

Tuition includes all instructional materials. Participants receive a certificate of participation.

Payment is due by credit card at registration. Registration closes on Feburary 2. Refunds will be granted only up to the first day of class/program.