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ELHE7314: Crisis Management in Higher Education is a Course

ELHE7314: Crisis Management in Higher Education

Ended May 31, 2021

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

Current Boston College graduate students should register via Agora. Please contact with any questions about that process.

Course Information:

Title: Crisis Management in Higher Education
Dates: May 17 through May 26 
Format: Online Synchronous Sessions, Mondays and Wednesdays, 12:00 - 1:30 pm EST


Who should enroll?
The effective management of a crisis is not a single person’s job. Organizations must be crisis ready, regardless of the size, type or public/private status. This minicourse will provide participants with an understanding and appreciation of the essential components to effective crisis management: strategic planning, effective teams, sound communication and empathetic leadership. Experts in communication and media relations, higher education and local government will be featured. If anything this past year has taught us - we need more people who know how to effectively manage a crisis. 

Course Description
Effective crisis management goes beyond a manual and a check list. Leaders who are equipped to handle crisis share certain qualities, specifically communication, strategic management and collaboration. Without these skills, the crisis can become the focus, rather than the community that is being served. This mini-course will focus on how crisis management can become a tool to strengthen organizations, despite trying times. Interviews with crisis leaders as well as case studies will be used to provide students with contemporary examples. The instructor will provide students with live synchronous classes as well as asynchronous opportunities for learning. An experiential learning activity will provide the final capstone for learners.

Certification of Completion
Please note that all participants from outside Boston College will not receive academic credit nor a transcript documenting their participation in this course. However, all participants who successfully complete the course will be awarded a certificate of completion to share with their employers.

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