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ELHE7309: Black Campus Movements from Black Power to Black Lives Matter is a Course

ELHE7309: Black Campus Movements from Black Power to Black Lives Matter

Jun 21 - Jun 26, 2021

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Full course description

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Course Information:

Title: Black Campus Movements from Black Power to Black Lives Matter
Dates: June 21 - June 24, with live syncronous sessions 12:00 - 1:30 pm
Location: Online


Who should enroll?
This course is designed for graduate students in higher education administration programs interested in exploring student activism through the lense of the Black Power Movement and its relationship to the Black Lives Matter Movement. Student affairs administrators would also gain insight to how the Black Power Movement of the 1960s led to the major programs and services still in existence on most campuses today. Students explore how issues of identity and diversity were shaped by the Black Power Movement and continue through issues surrounding the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Course Description
This course explores the evolution of Black student campus movements from the academic and cultural changes to campus infrastructures brought on by the Black Power Movement, to the student activism that laid bare racial climate issues that permeated institutions of higher education for decades that followed, to students taking to street and campus venues to support Black Lives Matter. The course includes videos and artifacts from actual Black campus movements, an analysis of a real-life case study of a Black campus movement incident and the required actions needing to be undertaken to resolve it. The course also compares the differences between the Black Power and Black Live Matter as campus movements in terms of the times in which they existed and their impacts on higher education.

Certification of Completion
Please note that all participants from outside Boston College will not receive academic credit nor a transcript documenting their participation in this course. However, all participants will be awarded a certificate of completion to share with their employers.

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